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Looking for a quality SEO Melbourne optimisation company to give your online business the leads it deserves? At Edge Marketing, our motivated team of specialists work diligently to provide clients with quality solutions that maximise the organic reach of their website.

Our SEO in Melbourne company resolves any issues within your website that are preventing you from reaching your target audience. Utilising strategic SEO techniques, we handle any problems, allowing your business to reach its maximum online potential.

The importance of Search Engine Optimisation

Perhaps you have an online website with an amazing layout and user interface. Or maybe you are a leading provider in your area but the moment you try and offer your services online, you hit a dead end. Your online presence is a result of a great SEO agency optimising your website.

As a business owner, you don’t need to have superior technical skills. If you’re not tech-savvy but want a strong digital presence, an SEO Melbourne specialist is the perfect solution.

Your exposure and lack of traffic, when compared to your competitor, is not a reflection of your products or services. The reason you’re falling behind is that your competitors are accurately utilising SEO strategies and techniques. Most likely, they have an SEO expert and web design specialist applying the right methods and adding the right kind of content to reach customers. Your target market not finding your site does not mean they’re not interested in what you have to offer. It simply meanss your site isn’t SEO optimised.

To establish a strong influence online, you need to make it simple for people to find you. Hiring an experienced and knowledgeable SEO expert is a great first step to obtaining the leads your company deserves.

Why you need to optimise your site using an SEO strategy

Have you ever wondered how websites land on that first page of results in search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing? This is all a matter of using a good SEO strategy. Learning how to improve the content on your site, how to improve your site’s authority through establishing backlinks and references, as well as increasing visibility through geographic listings and review sites, may lead to an increased number of views, and consequently, leads.

The biggest reason and benefit of optimising your website is that your sales and revenue will increase significantly. When you push traffic through to your site, you’re establishing a digital footprint for your business. If you invest in having local SEO Melbourne specialists optimise your site, it makes a world of difference between being ranked on the first page of results or getting lost in the hundreds of other sits out there. Being ranked on the first page means catching all of the people who are deliberately looking for what you have to offer and making more sales.

Don't just take our word for it on our SEO

We were fast approaching the summer and weren’t happy with our rankings leading into the busiest period of the year. I did an online search for a local SEO company in Melbourne and found Edge. I immediately felt I was in good hands. Their knowledge in digital marketing and search engine optimisation, as well as a passion for what they do, was clearly evident and they backed up their service with results based milestones which made me feel very comfortable in engaging their services. We’ve had a bumper summer season with the great work and results that we have been able to achieve over a short period and we are very happy with where we are projected to be over the course of the next 12 months.

Find the best SEO agency in Melbourne?

A leading provider in the industry, we are proud to offer our clients Melbourne SEO services that work. Because search engines are the main way that internet users look for information it’s important to optimise your site to bring your targeted audience in. When Google is unable to locate your site or add your content to their database, you’re missing out in incredible opportunities to generate leads.

Each one of our expert market researchers identifies new ways to bring more traffic to your business. We give clients honest information when it comes down to their SEO campaign. We want your website to succeed just as much as you do which is why we make sure it ranks highly on Google.

We consider ourselves the best specialists and as an SEO company Melbourne businesses like you deserve, we don’t use the common high-risk methods that other providers employ. This means that your website will naturally move its way up the ladder until landing a quality spot on the search results page of Google.

What SEO strategy works for Melbourne businesses?

The great thing about Melbourne search engine optimization is that it focuses on both the technical and creative elements of your online business. SEO campaigns are a great way to grow the visibility of your website within organic SEO results There are so many aspects to consider when optimising your site like using the right terms and phrases to get more traffic to click through to your site.

The best SEO team will be able to grow your online business effectively. Through digital marketing like this, you can increase your exposure on Google and reap the benefits of one of the top SEO companies in Melbourne. Drive traffic to your site naturally by being on the first page and through careful strategies that work. Meaning that the traffic that gets sent to your site is actually interested in the services or products you have to offer and wants to be on your site.

But making your site friendly to Google is a process and requires you to carefully analyse the keywords being used, build links on relevant sites where your ideal customers would be, build your credibility through being present on review sites and map sites, and develop overall quality content for your site.

This type of work is meticulous and can become confusing. Furthermore, because of the constant changes in the industry, it is a full-time job in and of itself. Many business owners don’t have the time needed to dedicate to their online website. Instead, they hire an SEO Melbourne professional to take care of optimising their site. Providers such as Edge Marketing ensures client websites are optimised properly resulting in maximum results.

What kind of SEO services do we offer?

There is a reason our services are rising above competing brands. We offer solutions customised for your business and do not package our campaigns. Additionally, we hold the most knowledgeable, well-experienced staff in Australia. We’re very proud of scoring the dedicated set of individuals that comprise our company.

Have a large business or perhaps you’re just launching your services? Don’t worry. Our SEO Melbourne services can handle any job no matter the size. We have years of experience working with different industries and know the ins and outs of this field. We’d also like to add that we conduct no outsourcing overseas. All the technical work is conducted at our Australian offices.

It’s also important to note that we will not use complicated explanations or industry jargon that you won’t understand. Our goal is not to over hype our SEO services, but instead in making you aware of the changes that will be done to your website.

Expert SEO analysis

The main part of our digital marketing agency’s services and what makes us different from competitors is our expert SEO campaign analysis. We take the time to carefully study and evaluate the way a website ranks on Google. We keep up with changes and are always ahead of these shifts. Our specialists monitor and adapt to new trends quickly so that your site is always up to date.

Consequently, as Melbourne SEO experts, we conduct an in-depth review of your site keeping in mind the content, architecture, current SEO ranking, and competitor analysis. Using this information, we create custom-made solutions to take your business to the next level. Contact us to find out more about this service from our SEO experts. We’re the trusted SEO company Melbourne brands go to.

SEO management

You can always count on us to manage your SEO results and performance. Our services focus on various factors to enhance the overall performance of your site. As your SEO campaign provider, we make sure these elements are covered:

  • SEO Keyword development
  • Content Creation
  • Link Building
  • Social Media Marketing/PPC
  • Ongoing SEO Maintenance

Our SEO management team ensures your site is running to the best of its ability and is able to rank. With our Melbourne SEO services, you will be making money every hour of the day. Not only do we focus on the technical side of SEO website content, but we also make sure your site has an attractive layout and design that appeals to Google.

Small business SEO agency

There are many organic SEO solutions for small businesses. We help improve sales and generate new leads by increasing the visibility of a site. Our SEO features will help your business establish a strong online presence. Our affordable, cost-effective solutions can help your small business reach its market more efficiently.

When working alongside a small business SEO Melbourne expert, we will use different SEO services that are more relevant to your type of company. You can expect us to add or improve:

  • Tags – the use of an SEO title, meta, or heading tags allows Google to determine what your sites about. The use of these keywords is important so that you can be easily distinguished. We help place the right word or phrase in special parts of your site to allow crawlers to find you.
  • Images and Videos – one of the best ways to create an SEO-friendly site is by placing relevant and interesting images or videos. Include an image of each product or service you offer, as well as a video that explains who you are and what you offer. This will give viewers a better idea of how your services can benefit them.
  • Links – If you happen to have other sites or blogs with the same niche as your business, we can help you create SEO links to improve the visibility of your business. This is a great way to get your brand out there on different platforms.
  • Content – one of the best ways to improve sales within your small online business is to offer quality content. We will help update this and improve it to drive in more visitors.

As a leading SEO company Melbourne brands trust, we will set your online website apart from the rest of the competition by using backlinking, use of tags, images, and videos. We will also use social media marketing and networking to increase the traffic to your site and incorporate quality SEO expert techniques so that users can find you easily. Through our SEO techniques and strategies site owners will get to their target audience more efficiently.

A holistic SEO approach

Yes, we offer a natural approach to help you reach your target audience. We believe this is the best way to grow your online business and be a reputable source on the world wide web. In previous years, we’ve witnessed that taking a holistic approach to SEO is the best way to obtain big results.

We offer both small and large businesses a comprehensive variety of digital marketing solutions at cost-effective prices. Our main objective is attracting more traffic to the websites of our clients using search engines like Google. Here are some of the ways our holistic approach to SEO can benefit your brand.

Customised SEO Solutions

We custom make digital marketing solutions to the website backends of all our clients. While every brand differs, they can all benefit from SEO. We work alongside one-man-show tradesman, online boutiques, small home operated businesses, medium-sized retailers, and large corporate enterprises. No matter what type of service you offer or the size of your company, our solutions are the best around.

As a trusted SEO company in Melbourne, we use for a number of solutions and take pride in our ability to design a successful marketing campaign for any business. We tailor our services not only to maximsze your success but also to suit your budget. Our services can benefit you by getting your site on the first page of Google results.

New Customers

If you’re having bad luck reaching out to your target audience, it’s because you’re not optimising your site properly. People Google businesses like yours daily by using specific phrases and words. For them to land on your page, you need to provide search engines with these keywords.

Therefore, search engine optimisation is so important to the success of your site. Users browsing the web are potential clients. If you’re not on that first page of results than 9 times out of 10 they will seek the services of your competitors.

It’s so easy to get lost in the thousands of pages brought forward by Google when using SEO incorrectly. Seeking the services of a reputable SEO provider is needed for your site to reach its full potential.

Tech Savvy SEO

At Edge, we are proud of our technical knowledge. We are a quickly growing SEO company Melbourne brands trust. We deliver promising results to everyone we work with on a regular basis and give your business the leads it needs. Our consultants can bring forward effective SEO solutions that are all custom made to your company.

A little bit about us.

Our digital marketing agency works with businesses that are ready to get more leads and have the capacity for consistent growth. We know what it’s like to run a business and take our client’s decision to partner with us very seriously.

At Edge, we get excited about getting your business traction. We’ve helped thousands of clients grow their bottom line – we’ve been doing it since 2002 (remember the days before Google?). Our business has survived the test of time. Where many other marketing agencies come and go, we’ve been here from the very beginning of digital. This allows us to work with much greater insight than the new digital marketing businesses that have hit the scene.

We’re not a team of millennials tinkering on snapchat or tumbler. We only use the best techniques to get you results that create a real impact.

Before we work together we:

  • Perform a professional analysis of your business and the competition
  • Next, run the numbers and find the best digital marketing tactics for your business
  • Then we present these details to you in an easy to understand format, so you know exactly how much your investment could be, when to expect results, and how we’re going to work together going forward

Melbourne’s leading SEO consultants

If you’re looking for a Melbourne SEO specialist to strengthen your online presence look no further. At Edge Marketing we work diligently to help your site reach its maximum potential. No matter what the reason your sites not getting the leads it deserves, one of our SEO specialists can help get you on the right track.

Our Melbourne’s leading SEO consultants analyze your site thoroughly to see where the issues lie. We then offer solutions that can significantly enhance your online business and get it to the next level.

A reputable SEO provider will be able to keep up with latest trends and customise your website accordingly. At Edge SEO Melbourne we can create a custom-made strategy that suits your company’s goals and objectives. Our SEO Melbourne services can help you in the following ways:

SEO – We make the complex process of making your website appear in top results possible despite the type of business you’re running.
Social Media Marketing – Do you wish you had a stronger online presence? We offer advertising solutions and content for any of your social media accounts to bring light to your website.
Adwords – Essential to bringing in more visitors, we use Adwords to bring new visitors to your website immediately.
Design – If you’re not very tech-savvy and don’t have the best-looking web design, we fix this problem to ensure your site will appeal to all markets.
Optimising your website and further developing the implemented Melbourne SEO strategies and techniques is a good way to increase your sales and online presence. Our motivated team of specialist is here to help you and your brand succeed! We highly recommend getting in touch with our Melbourne SEO agency to start enjoying these benefits today.

Work with the best SEO company in Melbourne

Just like we’ve helped dozens of former clients who come back to us time after time, we can help your website get the traffic and attention it deserves. It’s just a matter of implementing the right practices at the right time and to do so you need the help of an SEO expert who can tailor to your specific site.

Unlike some SEO companies in Melbourne, we are experts in this industry and offer we are the best SEO services. Give us a call to speak with one of our expert market researchers to learn more about how our services can bring big results to your brand. At Edge SEO Melbourne we believe that anyone can obtain the online results they want if they understand how SEO works.

We invite you to reach out to us today and get started on this exciting SEO journey. Allow us to learn about your company, goals, and objectives. The more we know the better we can assist you and enhance your site.

Don’t wait any longer. Contact us and speak with an Edge Marketing Melbourne SEO expert today to experience premium customer service and solutions.

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