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Switchpress Electrical

Switchpress Electrical is a residential and commercial electrical and air-conditioning company based on the Gold Coast, servicing surrounding areas including Brisbane.

The Challenge:

Switchpress Electrical came to us with an existing campaign and were paying well over premium dollars for their Google Ads in the highly competitive space of electrical and air-conditioning searches being made on the Gold Coast. After a high level data analysis on their previous campaign we quickly identified that it was costing them a lot of money for little result.

Switchpress Electrical’s biggest challenge was trying to compete with the larger air-conditioning companies who are spending up to $10k per month on their digital campaigns. By understanding buying cycles, we were able to determine the days that air-conditioning enquiries were at their highest… Days when the temperature is hot and the humidity is high!

The Solution:

We restructured their entire digital marketing strategy and linked their AdWords campaign with Google’s weather app so that their ads only ran when the weather reaches a certain level of temperature and humidity –in other words, when people are in ‘Hunt Mode’ actively ready to buy.

We halved their budget, but most importantly out-performed their competition on buying cycle days when it matters most The result was an immediate increase of leads producing 4X sales.

Hear what our clients have to say!


Switch Press Electrical

Trades - Electrical

  “There’s been times where I’ve had to actually give the guys at Edge a ring to tell them to turn my marketing off, just so I can catch up on work.”


WIN Projects

Property & Development

“With Edge, it takes the worry out of it. So I’m having a better lifestyle and a better future because Edge is part of my team.”


Vivid Home Builders

Building & Construction

  “After about the third month people were starting to call us. Six months down the line, massive difference. And a year down the line, HUGE difference.”


Gold Coast Mobile Auto Electrician 2U

Trades - Automotive

  “I know that they’re working behind the scenes and getting me results because they are coming, the phone’s ringing.”


Westlab is Australia’s leading scientific consumables and equipment supplier working with schools, universities and laboratories across Australia. They deliver the complete laboratory solution for chemical, biological and physical sciences.

The Challenge:

Westlab recognised they needed a consolidated marketing approach to consistently attract, engage and convert more sales as they looked to gain greater market share in Australia and demand internationally.

They were spending the majority of their marketing budget in more traditional mediums that just weren’t performing like they used to. They had trialled some digital marketing previously with underwhelming results. The management team at Westlab were quick to realise that they needed to partner with a trusted digital marketing company to lead them into the digital age, and after putting the word out for some recommendations, found Edge.

The Solution:

Following an initial rebrand of the Westlab image, EDGE completed comprehensive overhaul of Westlab’s marketing with a strong shift from traditional media into the digital marketing space.

Westlab’s previous keyword lists were all wrong; focused too much on high-volume researching keywords rather than high-quality converting keywords. With some quick changes, we were able to introduce much better-quality keyword clusters which had an immediate impact of sales.

Combining our SEO strategy with strong Google Ads and remarketing strategies, we doubled our client’s online sales in only 12 months with the same marketing budget.

Don't just take our word for it.

Things have really changed and it’s a very busy world out there. We couldn’t just put newspaper ads together and see the people come through the doors, we needed to break it down to get all of those messages of what we do here on multiple platforms.

It’s all about results at the end of the day, it wasn’t just a job for Edge, they wanted to become an extension of my business, they took the time and asked the right questions and set up the strategies that we needed to put in place to target the right market that i’m after to grow our business.

The people that are in the team, the wealth of knowledge, the expertise… that’s what makes Edge. And what Edge has provided us…. I’m really excited to see where we continue to go with it.

Troy Sorensen – Marketing Manager

Stone Group Lawyers

Stone Group Lawyers are one of the leading general, Litigator & family law companies on the Gold Coast. Stone Group’s positioning statement is ‘Defining Success Together’ and this motto has carried through into our digital marketing partnership where our success is measured on their results.

The Challenge:

Stone Group needed to recover their Google rankings after languishing in the search results for 12 months before engaging Edge. Stone Group Lawyers wished to be the #1 choice of law firm on the Gold Coast which meant dominating Google’s search results for all relevant search terms. In an extremely competitive market this was a lot more challenging than they first thought… that was until they found Edge!

The Solution:

Our SEO approach uniquely reflected Stone Group’s 5 core values being 1. Intelligent. 2. Elite. 3. Caring. 4. Evolving and 5. Aggressive. We implemented a sitewide optimisation strategy built on strengthening authority with Google, focussed on key ‘money terms’ -the terms that people are searching when they are ready to take action and hire a law firm.A year on year data snapshot boasts huge increases in visitor numbers across the board, positioning Stone Group as the law firm of choice.