Odyssey by UPMC



Target Audience
  • Adult
  • iOS
  • Android

The Challenge: How can UPMC present information about stress management, smoking cessation, weight loss, and lifestyle management in a light, interactive and user-friendly way?

The Solution: In collaboration with UPMC, Schell Games designed and developed Odyssey, a mobile app designed to help UPMC health plan holders to start and stay on a wellness journey toward better health. The app, free for UPMC users, includes a virtual coach that will provide helpful messages and tips for the user every time they check in. The app, co-designed with doctors and health professionals, is designed to help the user view their daily trends, avoid setbacks, and develop healthy habits that last.

The Result: The app was adopted widely by UPMC health plan participants, who found it useful when coping with stress management, smoking cessation, and weight management issues.

Upmc screenshots